Uganda Project

Kimi Island Clinic


Maternal Earth is currently working to maintain and supply a Maternal Heatlh Clinic in Uganda .

-13,500 women die each year in Uganda due to pregnancy related complications.

-Another 405,000 women suffer short and long term disabilities due to pregnancy related complications.

-Only 8% of Ugandan women will use a form of modern contraceptive, (In U.S. 98% of women will use some form of contraceptive.)

-38% of Births are attended by a trained professional.

For women who live on Kimi Island it would take approximately 4 hours one way by boat to get to the main land to receive medical care, besides being expensive this is out of the question for most women.

The Island is lucky enough to have one experienced midwife who sees patients either in her hut, or simply on the ground.

The very simple clinic currently serving the community is always in short supply of basic nesseccities. Including medications, labor and delivery supplies, IVs, and blankets.  Even a small donation will help to save lives of mothers and babies.


Seeing patients anyway possible.

Seeing patients anyway possible.

To help us save lives please consider a tax-deductible donation today!


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