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Maternal Earth was founded in 2012 to address the gaps in maternal health care around the globe. ME strives to implement simple yet effective interventions that produce large results. Interventions can include anything from education programs, to sanitation initiatives.  From the richest to the poorest nations, maternal health is an issue for populations everywhere.

Maternal Earth was founded by Jessica Restucci, who currently serves as the President and Executive Director of the organization. Jessica has worked in several developing countries including, Thailand, Nepal, India, and Uganda. Working in these countries Jess has seen first-hand the effects of poor maternal health on a society as a whole.

Current projects include:  working on a needs assessment in rural Nepal, as well as working in Uganda in rural villages presenting community trainings on HIV/AIDS and ways to improve maternal health.

In Nepal we are working to find out where the disparities in education and health access are located specifically, for example- is breastfeeding regularly taught? is support for new and expecting mothers available? and is postpartum care a part of health care system? This is being done by utilizing women’s groups already in place for other NGOs in the country.

In Uganda we have been presenting information at village meetings which have been successful in educating whole communities, not just the women, on the gaps in health care. This includes but is not limited to mother to child HIV transmission, family planning, and post-partum care when the risk of hemorrhage is high. We also help provide essentials such as: formula, clothing, and diapers to new mothers.

Check out our Uganda page to learn more about our new Clinic project!

Community Training in Uganda!

Community Training in Uganda!

For more information about Maternal Earth or for information on how to help or to make a donation please contact us at info@maternalearth.org


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